Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hip Pain Causes: Dr Grant Padley

Hip Pain Causes: Dr Grant Padley

Hip pain can be the result of a number of causes not associated with arthritis.  Some common causes of non-arthritic hip pain include fracture, inflammation in the hip joint, bursitis, and femeroacetabular impingement (FAI, which is friction caused by abnormally shaped hip bones).

Arthritic hip pain is typically described as a “constant ache” pain that is felt in the groin area and increases with physical activity and prolonged use.  Non-arthritic hip pain, however, is often felt deep in the front of the hip, on the side, and in the buttocks.

How hip pain is treated depends on the cause of the pain.  Treatment should be sought after injury that limits your ability to move or perform routine activities as you normally would.

Additionally, any hip pain that doesn't go away after two to three weeks of conservative therapy, which includes anti-inflammatory medication, ice, rest and activity modification, should be evaluated by a health-care provider.  Your provider can conduct physical examination and order any tests or radiographic images that may be necessary to properly diagnose the source of your hip pain.

Conservative treatment, including physical therapy, is always the first and preferred approach to treat hip pain.  However, when attempts to address hip pain through conservative methods are not successful, hip arthroscopic surgery might be indicated.



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