Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Benefits of Sports far outweigh risks of potential injury: Dr Grant Padley

Benefits of Sports far outweigh risks of potential injury: 
Dr Grant Padley

     Sports-related injuries are a regular part of being an athlete.  Most athletes will suffer some type of injury, such as sprains and strains, knee and shoulder injuries, fractures, dislocations, and bumps and bruises.  Sometime, ice, rest or physical therapy are all that’s needed.  However, occasionally as with a majority of ACL injuries surgery is needed.

     Knee injuries are common and, as a result, surgical and rehabilitative techniques have been developed to repair the knee and help prevent future problems, such as reinjury, structural weakness, or arthritis.  In fact, sometimes surgery and focused exercise can make the injured part even stronger than before.

     In a recent study of professional football players who underwent surgery and rehabilitation to reconstruct isolated ACL tears, the results revealed that there were little, if any, long-term limitations on their athletic performance as a result of the injury.

     Of course, there are certain injuries that are more severe and that can have long-lasting effects.  We hear regularly about amateur and professional athletes who have suffered catastrophic or career-ending injuries to the neck, spine, hip and knee, for example.  Still, considering the number of people playing sports, such instances are the exception rather than the rule.

     Sports provide young people with an opportunity to develop social skills and camaraderie while maintaining an active lifestyle.  By and large the benefits of participating in sports and team competition greatly outweigh the fear of or potential for injury.  Always consult your doctor when injuries occur or if you have additional concerns or complications.

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