Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dr. David Bailie: resurfacing arthroplasty of the shoulder (specialized partial replacement)

Dr. Bailie has been doing resurfacing arthroplasty of the shoulder (specialized partial replacement) since the FDA approved their use in 2001. In fact, he was instrumental in bringing the technology to the US Orthopedic market with Biomet. This procedure is best for younger, active patients who are in need of pain relief from arthritis of the shoulder but too young to consider a full replacement.

He has performed this surgery on hundreds of patients with excellent mid-term and long term results. This includes active Olympic athletes, a Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player, many physicians/triathletes and "weekend warriors" who desire to maintain a very active lifestyle.

Below is a link to the video:

The video is a live surgery he performed as a webcast- broadcast live worldwide with an onsite moderator who assisted Dr Bailie in question/answers during the surgery. Viewers could send in questions live while watching the surgery and Dr. Bailie would demonstrate aspects of the procedure to help educate the viewers.

In addition, his work was published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, the most prestigious journal in Orthopedics Worldwide. He was asked to also write a book chapter in the prestigious text, THE SHOULDER (Ed Craig, editor) on this topic, which is shown below, and describes the procedure and his results. Long term data have shown that this procedure performs well over 10 years.

For more information, you may visit his website at where you can reach him via email.

Additionally, the following link is the chapter in the text:


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