Monday, February 24, 2014

Congratulations to Dr. Evan Lederman: named Medical Honoree for the Arthritis Foundation GlitzGlamGive Gala!

Congratulations to Dr. Evan Lederman, who has been named Medical Honoree for the Arthritis Foundation Glitz Glam Give Gala!

On Friday Dr. Evan Lederman appeared on ABC 15 "Sonoran Living Live" to speak about Arthritis and the 20th Annual GlitzGlamGive Gala benefiting The Arthritis Foundation! Through his dedication for treating and helping patients with Arthritis live their best life possible and his support of the Arthritis Foundation, Dr. Lederman has been named the medical Honoree by The Arthritis Foundation.

Event proceeds will support research for a cure for arthritis - the nation’s leading cause of disability affecting more than 50 million adults and 300,000 children.

For more information about the 20th Annual GlitzGlamGala please visit:



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