Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dr. Bailie Invited to Wales to speak at the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament:

" I am appreciative of the opportunity to be invited to speak at the Symposium hosted by Hospital Innovations, Wales, UK in Cardiff Wales at the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament a few weeks ago. Although it was a quick, and long trip to Wales, UK, it was a great experience and an honor to be invited as the keynote speaker and guest of honor. I met some great people and it is always nice to share ideas "across the pond". Thank you to my good friend, Phil Davies, CEO of Hospital Innovations, and nominee for entrepreneur of the year in Wales (and owner of one of the most successful Orthopedic distributorships in all of Europe) who was our host and made sure that we had a great time and a wonderful academic experience.

I hope the ideas I shared were helpful and that the information can be used to help athletes/patients with shoulder injuries, especially the challenges faced in rugby and competitive athletes in general. Keeping people "in the game", including us "average Joes" is always the goal, but these guys amaze me." Think NFL combined with soccer with NO PADS!"

- Dr. David Bailie

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