Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nano Shoulder Replacement

Physician News: Dr. David Bailie

Nano Shoulder replacement

An FDA approved study for the Nano Shoulder Replacement is to begin soon. Only 12 Doctors in the US are allowed to participate in this study. Dr. David Bailie is the only physician in the Southwest. This is a new stemless total shoulder system of which Dr. Bailie is a a co-designer. This device is made by Biomet- one of the largest worldwide Ortho implant companies. Co-designers are docs at Mayo-Rochester, Johns Hopkins and University of Toronto.

This shoulder implant was released for use in Europe fall 2012 and surgeons from Italy, France, Germany are stating they love it and are switching to use it exclusively.  Hundreds have been placed. The Start date of the FDA study is currently unknown but sometime mid-late 2013.

Dr. Bailie is currently looking for patients who would like to participate in this FDA shoulder replacement study. The only way for a shoulder patient to receive this devices for the next 3 years will be through the FDA study, and will not be available to other surgeons not participating until the study is concluded. 

To read more about Dr. Bailie please visit: www.tocamd.com or http://sportsmeddoc.com/


  1. I would like to have a Nano Shoulder Replacement placed. Who can I contact for information?

    Thank you, Vanessa Myers

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