Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Are The Benefits Of Seeing A Sports Medicine Specialist?

A sports injury can be a career-ending accident if the proper measures are not taken.  It is important to seek out quality orthopedic services for performance-related injuries. A sports medicine specialist is familiar with treatment for common injuries and is able to provide customized care to facilitate optimum rehabilitation. Here are some of the reasons that you should find an orthopedic specialist who has a focus in sports medicine:
  • Reduced chances of long-term injury: Many sports accidents result in strains and sprains that can lead to chronic pain if not treated properly. Sports medicine incorporates immediate treatment with prolonged solutions to restore and strengthen affected muscles, bones, and connective tissues.
Sprain of a leg
  • Improved performance: Aside from providing care for injuries, physicians who specialize in sports medicine can recommend techniques for enhancing your athletic abilities and offer solutions to keep you in your best physical shape. This will help you train more effectively, which will result in a stronger performance when it counts. 
  • Injury prevention: When it comes to sports injuries, prevention is the most effective way to avoid long term problems. Your physician can recommend a skilled trainer to help you get the most out of your practice and performances without risking physical damage to your body. Additionally, athletes who have previously experienced injuries are more likely to suffer another performance-related accident. Working with a sports medicine specialist can help you prevent a secondary injury with expert advice and advanced medical treatment.
If you are an athlete in the Phoenix area, then contact The Orthopedic Clinic Association. We have a diverse staff of orthopedic surgeons and specialists who serve the Suns, the Mercury, and many of Arizona State University’s sports teams. Learn about our advanced imaging, bracing, and physical therapy on our website or call us at (602) 277-6211.


  1. Very informative post! A sports injury has many complications which need to be treated by a specialist, therefore a sports doctor is extremely important. Visit to know more about sports doctor and their importance.

  2. My husband is a recreational athlete and seems to always be getting injured. It seems like he could benefit from a visit to a sports medicine doctor. It seems like he needs to get some advice on better training and strengthening exercising.